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Reducer is often a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping dimensions. There are 2 varieties reducer as follows: 
a. Concentric reducer: have a central axis (centerline) on the area amongst the massive and small. 
b. Eccentric reducer: the central axis features a different (offset) concerning a large segment and compact. 
Concentric reducer is mostly employed and infrequently eccentric reducer utilized in piping in about pump and piperack location. 
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carbon concentric carbon eccentric concentric reducer eccentric reducer
We provide the worldwide high quality pipe reducers manufactured up of steel as well as other alloys. Steel Pipe Reducers obtainable are of concentric and eccentric varieties. The pipe reducers are suited factors in pipelines that cut down pipe size from huge to compact bores. The inlet and outlet ends in the metal pipe reducers and alloy pipe reducers align into a typical middle line.
Pipe Reducers Steel Pipe Reducers

Nominal size

1/2”-48” (DN15-DN1200)

1/2”-20” (DN15-DN500)

Wall thickness







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carbon steel reducers,alloy steel reducers: