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alloy steel elbow production technology

alloy steel elbow production technology
For alloy steel pipe fittings elbow manufacturing production technology, has been without a clear standard, but there are a lot of practice within the industry. Development of an industry does not own the industry standard is terrible, so we have to pay attention to summarize these regularities, and promote the healthy development of the industry.
Simmer bend: refers to processed alloy steel elbow pipe, generally refers to power professional with metal pipes and electrical PVC pipe threading;
alloy steel elbow
Name Alloy Steel Elbow
Size Seamless(SMLS):1/2"-36"



ASTM A234WP12,A234WP11,A234WP22,A234WP5, A420WPL6,
DIN 1.7335,1.7380,1.0488(1.0566)
JIS PA22,PA23,PA24,PA25,PL380
Simmer alloy steel elbow: multi-finger drainage professional alloy steel elbow, small diameter alloy steel elbow bend simmer can get;
Cold-formed / bending: Generally small diameter elbow can get cold bending process; large diameters required bending. Simmer bending process generally refers to the site is completed.
Stamping alloy steel elbow: Most (especially large diameter) works in Sheung Shui system can purchase the finished elbow, processing methods are stamping, product consistency.
Alloy steel elbow to push the system: in the late 1980s by mechanical contact with the mold tube + + frequency heating method of steel elbow to push the system process, but then probably not easy to control the thickness of the inside and outside, a rare practice.

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alloy steel elbow production technology: