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Marine tube using a standard, commonly used flange standards
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Implementation of standards of marine fittings generally used according to the requirements of the naturalization of the ship classification societies and shipowners.
Commonly used flange standards
GB2506-89 GB Marine take welding steel flanges (four feed)
GB2507-89 GB Marine lap welding copper flange (binary)
GB2508-89 GB Marine take a welded steel ring Loose steel flanges (four feed)
GB10746-89 GB Marine butt welding steel flange (binary)
GB10750-89 GB ship flat circular cast iron and cast steel flange
GB10751-89 GB ship flat circular welded steel flange
CB/T46-1999 GB lap welding of steel flange
CB/T48-1999 GB welding copper flange
CB/T3766-1996 GB exhaust pipe steel flange and gasket
CB/T3846-1999 GB Marine aluminum tubes hem Loose aluminum flange
CB/T3847-1999 GB Marine flat circular welded steel flange
CB/T3848-1999 GB oval cast iron and cast steel flange
CBM1012-81 GB PN0.5MPa lap welding steel flanges
CBM1013-81 GB PN1.0MPa lap welding of steel flange
CBM1021-81 GB exhaust pipe steel flanges
Commonly used gasket standards
AMSE B16.21 GB/t17727 GB/T2502 GB/T4622.2--2003

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