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Made seamless pipe Mexican market anti-dumping investigation

Made seamless pipe Mexican market anti-dumping investigations

On November 21, the Mexican Ministry of Economy said that, due to allegations the local companies TAMSA of the price difference between the Asian imported products and local products, the Ministry has carried out anti-dumping investigations of seamless steel pipe products from China. The survey for the manufacturing of seamless steel tubes in China, regardless of the batch from where imports.
    Mexico's Ministry of Economic Affairs, said in the official announcement of the the TAMSA request at the end of September, the anti-dumping investigation, pointed out that "a large number of imports from China seamless steel pipe into the local market" at discriminatory prices. TAMSA Company considers such a big price difference, as the damage to the local market, imported products between April 1, 2011 to 31 March 2012 to apply for government investigation.
    The Mexican government added that the scope of investigation is January 1, 2009 to March 2012, 31-dumping behavior may also include damage to the local industry.

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Made seamless pipe Mexican market anti-dumping investigation: