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Application of high pressure elbow in piping system

........................ High-pressure elbow is used for high-pressure pipe bends at a kind of pipe. The largest proportion of all pipe fittings used in high-pressure piping systems is about 80%. The general high pressure elbow thickness than the ordinary elbow thicker, or material of high pressure strength than ordinary elbow strength is higher.
High-pressure elbow high pressure, in general use in the oil pipeline, liquefied gas pipeline, pipe, boiler pipes and other piping systems.
    High pressure elbow material
High-pressure elbow materials are usually made of high-quality cast steel, stainless steel or alloy steel, can make high-pressure elbow in a variety of high-pressure pipeline withstand high pressure and can withstand the corrosion of the pipeline fluid.
    Piping installation of high pressure elbow
    High-pressure piping installation with medium and low pressure piping installation requirements are similar, but more stringent requirements, so, in addition to the need to meet the requirements of medium and low pressure piping installation, should be carried out according to the following requirements. For the installation of high-pressure pipe, pipe fittings, fasteners and valves must be inspected, and accompanied by the corresponding technical documents, shipped to the site should be properly maintained, marked, neatly placed. Before installation, the inside and outside surface should be wiped clean, and check whether there is any foreign body in the channel.
Check the nozzle seal surface and the roughness of the gasket to meet the requirements, on the sealing surface must not affect the sealing performance of scratches (especially radial scratches), spots and other defects.

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Application of high pressure elbow in piping system: