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GB 9711 standard spiral steel pipe

Detailed introduction:
GB 9711 standard spiral steel pipe adopts electric contact pressure gauge to control the pressure of the cylinder on both sides of the conveyor to ensure the smooth conveying of the strip.
GB 9711 standard spiral steel pipe production process:
1. Raw materials are steel coils, welding wires and fluxes. Strict physical and chemical testing is required before input.
2. The steel head and tail are butt jointed, and the single wire or double wire submerged arc welding is used. After the steel pipe is rolled into a steel pipe, automatic submerged arc welding is used.
3. Before forming, the strip is leveled, trimmed, planed, surface cleaned and treated.
4. Cut the steel tube into a single root using an air plasma cutting machine.
5. The part of the weld with continuous sound wave flaw detection mark, after manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if it is defective, after repairing, it will pass the non-destructive test again until it is confirmed that the defect has been eliminated.
The principle requirement of spiral steel pipe stacking code is that under the premise of stable palletizing and ensuring safety, the materials of different varieties should be palletized separately to prevent entanglement and mutual erosion.
According to the quality inspection results of spiral steel pipes, spiral steel pipes are generally divided into three categories: qualified products, repaired products and waste products. Qualified products refer to spiral steel pipes whose appearance quality and intrinsic quality meet the relevant standards or technical requirements for delivery acceptance; the repaired products refer to the appearance quality and internal quality which are not completely in compliance with the standards and acceptance strips, but are allowed to be repaired, and the standard and acceptance conditions can be met after repair. Spiral steel pipe; scrap refers to spiral steel pipe that is unqualified in appearance quality and internal quality, and does not require standard or acceptance conditions after repair or repair

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GB 9711 standard spiral steel pipe: