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How complex is the type distribution of carbon steel elbow?

How complex is the type distribution of carbon steel elbow?

Now the carbon steel elbow has become very common, so how hard is the carbon steel elbow when heated? Here is how the variety of carbon steel elbow complex it.  
 Let's say it in detail. GB Elbow demand normalizing + tempering heat treatment, machining port, wall thickness need to stay burning and machining allowances. Rui Feng Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. elbow industry leader, the company has strong economic strength, advanced technology and equipment, complete detection means. According to customer requirements of processing a variety of custom-made elbow products, the company produces seamless elbow pipe production of raw material is a round tube billet, the tube embryo to be cut by cutting machine processing into a length of about one meter of the billet 
  and is delivered to the furnace by a conveyor belt. The billet is heated in the furnace, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius, the temperature control in the furnace is the key problem after the Tube billet is released, it must pass through the pressure piercing and the fuel is hydrogen or acetylene. The commonly more common puncher is the cone-shaped roller piercing machine, which produces high efficiency, product quality, perforation expansion, can wear a variety of pipe perforation, the round tube billet has been three-roll skew rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion, after the squeeze to be off the sizing, sizing machine through the cone bit high-speed rotating into the steel embryo drilling, forming pipe. The passivation process of stainless steel elbow can be divided into two kinds: Wet method and dry method.
We need to pay attention to the entire production process, must be in the heat of the elbow in the plastic, otherwise it will not reach the corresponding role.
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How complex is the type distribution of carbon steel elbow? :