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Pipe flanges fitting relationship


Pipe flanges fitting relationship with time: 06.24.2012 14:58 Hits equipment: 201 flange gasket for sealing flange pipe fittings refers to the mouth (lips, or access to the hard disk), pipelines and equipment.
Pipe flanges fitting
Flange (plate) is part of the pipes and tubes connected to each other. Connecting to the end of the
pipe and the hole in the flange, so that you can wear a bolt flange abuts Mon With lips tight seal. Pipe and fittings relates to a flange with a flange (flange or disk access) tubes. A form can be formed (N) and formed by a threaded connection or welded. Flange connected to a pair of flanges, gaskets, 1 to the number of bolts and nuts. The lips print on the surface 2 between the gasket and tighten the nuts on the deformation of the gasket surface on the pressure up to certain value, and fill the uneven surfaces of the Office of the sealing surfaces that are not sealed relationship.
Contact the flange pipe fitting connection is removable. Pipe flanges fitting can be divided into components associated with the flange lip of containers and pipes. Sub-type structure with built-in flange, and loose lips and lip threaded. An integral flange weld welded flanges and lips. Less rigid flange is welded to the pressure P ≤ 4 MPa necessary; welded flanges, also known as a high neck flange, rigid, and which relate to a high temperature in the pressure at altitude. There are three types of surface lip seal: seal a flat surface, suitable for high pressure
The media, and non-toxic cases, sealing the surface blow is applied to situations in which the pressure is slightly higher, tongue and groove seal surface is suitable for flammable and medium-sized, explosive and poisonous cases of high blood pressure. The wild plastic deformation, and also has a certain ring of strength of materials. And to cut most of the metal plate laying down, or by creating a professional factory correct size and material of non-asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board, and polyethylene, asbestos is also useful for sheet metal (white metal, stainless steel) wrapped up non-metallic gasket materials from the bimetallic , to unite and not on the system of branches and thin spiral pads of asbestos. Rubber pads on the occasion of the average temperature of less than 120 ° C;
Pipe flanges fitting Asbestos rubber less than 450 ° C steam temperature and high oil temperature below 350 degrees Celsius and the pressure is less than 5 MPa, events and media corrosion, the most common acid-asbestos board. In countries with high pressure equipment and piping, installation of copper, aluminum, metal, and 10 of steel, stainless steel, as well as the type of lens, or other forms. High pressure seals and sealing surfaces of the contact to display a very narrow (contact line), and surface sealing gaskets and processing completed above.

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