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What are the requirements of the elbow connection technology ?

In all walks of life in our pipeline convergence of cent, the elbow to provide us with easy to join the conditions, different types of elbow can bring us outstanding bonding effect.
With the increasing demand of building data production in China, China's construction industry, the production level of various materials also occupies the world's first position, which gives the elbow this new material has brought useful development space, his various energy-saving and technical innovation of useful production forms, in today's shopping malls have caused a hot upsurge. Now the elbow production process has a hot push-type, stamping elbow, kneading elbow. These three different production methods on the punching elbow in the market has been widely used, it can provide us with seamless welding elbow, as well as a variety of different raw materials, such as the screw elbow, elbow, twists and turns of view, can also give us a way to create a direction to change the directions of useful forms,

  These are our outstanding use of the conditions of a primary method, we are in the elbow convergence of cent, on the requirements of the skills have standardized operation to grasp the conditions. Only we can grasp the correct process operation form, trust we can achieve the best use of the elbow in the convergence of cent, if it is a threaded elbow, we can directly connect, and then the electric mattress, in the future can reach a close cohesion, and welding elbow as to improve its welding quality, We have to be sure about the thickness of the elbow and the length of its radius of curvature, so that we can bring good welding effect. 
Because of the welding point of view, some sides have strict rules, we have to according to the corresponding requirements to carry out the construction. Reprint instructions: Reproduced please explain the Carbon steel elbow site, more carbon steel elbow specifications please visit.

Products description
1) Type: butt welded and seamless pipe fitting
2) Size: we can also produce other specifications according to customers' requirements.
            Seamless Fittings 1/2-20 (DN15-DN500), Welded Fittings 1/2-48 (DN15-DN1200)
3) Wall thickness: SCH5S-SCH160
4) Standard: ASME B16.9,,DIN 2605,JIS ,GB/T12459,GB/T13401

5) Material: stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 321H, 310S, 347H)
6) Our products are corrosion and high-temperature resistant
7) Applications range: for use in the petroleum, smelting, foodstuff, power, papermaking, 
chemical, medical equipment, aviation, boiler heat exchanger, and other fields

8)Packing: As per customers' requests

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carbon steel Butt Welded Pipe Elbow


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What are the requirements of the elbow connection technology ?: